No longer bystanders of The Era of Distraction. We are co-creators of The Era of Integrity.

FOURAGE provides 1:1 executive, individual and men’s coaching as well as workshops for leadership teams and groups.


Intentional business ADVANCEMENT through executive coaching & leadership training workshops:

Are you attracting the talent that will best serve your organization? Are you retaining your greatest talent?

Is your business community (customers and partners) maintaining and growing? Do their values align with yours?

Is the culture within your leadership team one of curiosity? Can your leaders adapt to change?

As the C-level leader, are you guided by your values to achieve what you are in service of (your WHY, your purpose)?

Personal transformation through individual coaching & group workshop:

Do you stand in your truth and communicate your voice in your personal and professional relationships?

Does your current relationship with fear or insecurity seem like a hindrance instead of an asset?

Do you actively practice curiosity?

Is your daily experience one of balance?

Are you consistently living by your values and, therefore, benefiting from their gifts?

Are you able to create reciprocity in your relationships and foster growth for all involved?

Men’s coaching & group workshops (leveraging your full toolbox of masculine & feminine):

The weight of being masculine is a heavy one to carry. Never more so misunderstood than now.

Has the societal stereotype for men to be the provider had an impact on you?

Do you feel safe within the current environment to express your experience of how masculinity has played a role in the story of your life?

Do you feel safe to feel your feelings?

Are you able to communicate what you want and need inside your relationships?

Do you leverage the toolbox of being your whole self (beyond the confines of exclusively leveraging your masculinity)?