I’m a fear technician.

Fear is something we avoid experiencing and talking about when it has so much information for us. Rather than being fearless or trying to conquer it, it’s about forming our relationship with it. With fear as your ally, choice is possible in every moment.


Business & Personal Transformation

Intentional business advancement through executive coaching & leadership training workshops.

Personal transformation through individual coaching & group workshops.

Men’s coaching & group workshops (leveraging your full toolbox of masculine & feminine).

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FOURAGE approaches business and personal transformation through 3 key pillars:


Fourage Your WHY

How to access your courage


Live Your WHY

What keeps you accountable



LEVERAGE the collective WHY


Guryan is thoughtful, innovative and highly effective at helping you become the best version of yourself and the leader you want to be. Her guidance and deep insights
have been instrumental in both navigating short-term obstacles and defining a long-term vision with actionable steps on how to get there. Highly recommended.”


“Working with Guryan helps to open me up to more possibilities in my life personally and professionally. Guryan has an amazing gift at being able to see the most basic fact patterns of our life, and weave them into a bigger picture that only creates ongoing expansion. Both for me personally and for my business and employees.  A true gift for future progress.”

Holly Ruxin, CEO & Founder Montcalm TCR and Montcalm Capital

“Guryan is truly a gifted healing coach! If you're looking to be seen, heard, validated, and supported, she's the coach for you. After only a few sessions with Guryan, I felt empowered to navigate difficult conversations, hold space for myself and my healing, and adopt healthy habits that promote personal growth.”

Terri, Asana

“Guryan came to me in time of profound professional unrest. Immediately I was aware of the safety of the space with Guryan, and of her ability to enable the surfacing of truth. The process of working with her has been one of reorientation in my mind and body, through which I've accessed a new state of being by listening intently to my fears. It hasn't been a process of painful self-mining; rather, it's been a series of critical shifts of attention. Guryan's incredible gift is this ability: to ground in a state of being, as the mechanism to enliven and enable motion through one's journey.”

Alex, private tech company with over 400 employees

“Guryan's coaching has been invaluable to me. By deeply listening and guiding, she's helped me explore and articulate my personal values, my 'why' and my leadership. Guryan has a keen ability to mirror back what you say (and don't say) and bring it all together.  Most importantly Guryan celebrates and validates what people uniquely bring and that we don't need to fit into someone else's mold of leadership.”

PAM, privately held consulting company


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