Unlearning and learning can happen at the same time.

More, they inform each other.  In order to build new habits that promote intentional growth, we have to unlearn which patterns may be preventing us from recognizing our choice points.

The FOURAGE approach includes 3 key pillars, which are entry points to our work together.


Fourage Your WHY

How to access your courage

In exploring your relationship with
your fears and insecurities you can courageously connect to your unique truth, identify your WHY (purpose) and set intentions to be an active participant in making choices.


Live Your WHY

What keeps you accountable

When we see through the lens of our
WHY, embody our truth and practice our values, we:

  • Engage intentionality in our
    daily lives

  • Exemplify integrity

  • Experience inner ease

  • Co-create sustaining and regenerative communities



LEVERAGE the collective WHY

By creating shared agendas, made
possible by listening to listen, we generate balance and collective empowerment.


In our engagement, we’ll explore techniques and practices that help us navigate through this learning so we can be in choice and live on purpose.

Some of these techniques and exercises include:

  • Reframing your relationship with fear

  • Questioning your reality

  • Living and leading on purpose

  • Embodying your truth

  • Finding choice in your every day

  • Creating shared agendas for a balanced community experience

approach diagram_082019.png